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Formats and Pricing
  • Photo Books formats
    Photo Books
    Professional-quality photo books for creative expressions of all kinds.
    From for 20 pages
  • Trade Books formats
    Trade books
    Affordable paperbacks and hardcovers, perfect for text-heavy content and imagery.
    From for 24 pages
  • Magazine formats
    The magazine format offers a sleek solution to serial content.
    From for 20 pages
  • Ebooks
    Easy to share and sell, ebooks can be viewed on the Apple iPad® and Kindle.
    Conversion fee

What will your book be?

Getting started is easy
  • Book-making tools
    Tools for every skill level
    Whether you want to make your book online, with our downloadable software, or with Adobe® InDesign®, it’s free and easy to get started.
  • Professionally designed templates
    Professional templates
    Don’t know where to start? We have a range of professional downloadable templates for books and magazines when using BookWright and InDesign.
  • Hire an expert - Dream Team
    Hire an expert
    The Dream Team is made up of Blurb-vetted professionals, and they are available at any stage of your project—editing, design, illustration, and more.